Pacific InterChristian Community

Our purpose

The Pacific InterChristian Community is an ecumenical contempletive and activist community devoted to inner peace, global peace and transformation.

We strive to nurture the Spirit in each person, living and teaching the wisdom ways of Christ through spiritual friendships, contemplative teaching and guidance.

We worship God in inclusive and holistic ways using spiritual practices that promote personal, social and ecological healing. We embrace diversity in the life of the Community.

We cultivate mutual understanding and cooperation with others in the pursuit of common goals.

A line drawing of two birds standing on either side of a tree

What we believe

We are pilgrims who have joined together for community, support and encouragement as we travel our unique spiritual paths. We are Christians, followers of Jesus, our teacher, friend and brother.

Our personal experiences of God and of faith are different. We strive to appreciate these differences and to learn from each other.

We make no distinction between ourselves based on gender, age or sexual orientation.

Our community is bonded by and grounded in love and respect for one another rather than doctrine or the rules of any particular Christian religious denomination.

Who we are

We are a small group of people from a wide range of backgrounds. Our members range in age from their mid-teens to their mid-eighties.

Community Worship

PIC strives to be sensitive to the flow of the Spirit. Our worship belongs to all who gather. More than just words, it's embodied prayer. When we worship together, we are part of God's creativity in mending human hearts and the earth.

We meet for weekly Community Worship on Saturdays at 5:00 p.m. The service lasts about an hour.


Music, both instrumental and sung, is an important part of our community life. Bruce and Cheryl Harding are members of our community who provide rich music leadership and support.

Small groups

Several small groups meet regularly to engage in outreach activities, to study and to pray. See our Blog and Calendar to learn what they're doing.

What to expect

Our worship services are informal and relaxed. You are welcome to come as you are: we're not dressy folks! Depending on the time of year and other commitments, many of us may gather or our group may be smaller.

Well-behaved dogs may accompany their human companions and children are always welcome!

Worship includes:
  • Lots of music, particularly refrains, choruses and rounds.
  • Ten to 15 minutes' silent meditation.
  • Group reflection on a passage from the Bible. There is no sermon.
  • Prayers of thanksgiving and intercession.
  • Eucharist--a symbolic communion meal of bread and wine--which everyone is invited to receive.
  • A copy of the worship service for this season is available here.